Frequently Asked Questions

ErpaPay Sanal Pos, online işlemlerde kredi kartı veya banka kartı ile yapılan ödemelerde kullanılan, banka sanal poslarının tek bir entegrasyonla sistemde tanımlandığı, 3 D şifre ile güvenliği sağlanan bir ödeme yöntemidir.

To apply for Erpay POS, you can proceed through sit ’Apply Now‘ ’tab on our website.

ErpaPay Virtual Pos offers secure payment with PCI-DSS certificate within the scope of security policies and offers fast shopping opportunity to your customers thanks to card storage feature.

You can make installments in Virtual POS within your term sectoral boundaries.

Virtual Pos commission rates are determined specifically for your company as a result of a detailed examination of your company and company volume.

ErpaPay does not charge any fees other than the commission rates given to your company.

As soon as you send us the necessary documents for your application, your Virtual POS will be active in minutes and the API document will be shared with you.

  • Tax Registration

  • Photocopy of identify card

  • Signature Circulars

  • Commercial registration certificate

  • Field of activity

Yes. It is enough to share the web sites you will use with us during or after your application.

Your 16-digit card number or 11-digit Turkish Republic identity card number and with card password by logging into ErpaPay, you can receive collections, send a payment link or view your transaction history.

The Virtual Pos product is suitable for use on both mobile and website interfaces.

The ErpaPay Mobile application is only available on mobile phones that support Android and iOS. You can download ErpaPay Mobile Application to your mobile phone by entering Google Play on Android devices and entering App Store on iOS devices.

Card storage system is available with PCI-DSS certificate.

ErpaPay minimizes the risks of fraud, chargeback, high POS costs and technical problems for member merchants.

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