Our Policies

Erpa Payment Services and Electronic Money Inc. complies with all laws and regulations at the highest level in the fight against the legalization of income from crime. The Company’s employees, customers and business partners are responsible for full compliance with our anti-money laundering and anti-terrorism financing policy.

The policies we pursue within the framework of these policies are summarized as follows;

• To comply with national and international sanctions,
• To follow and apply updates on national and international laws and sanctions,
• To act in accordance with the rules and principles of Know Your Customer,
• Performing black list checks,
• Performing suspicious transaction follow-up and making notifications for suspicious transactions detected,
• To follow the customer exactly in accordance with the rules.

According to legal sanctions and regulations; It is important that the activities of the customers are monitored, followed, reported and recorded in order to financialize the income arising from the crime and to stop the transactions related to the financing of terrorism. Erpa Payment Services and Electronic Money Inc. organizes training and internal audit activities and keeps these procedures under control, taking care to avoid risk.

You can forward any suspicious transaction about Erpapay to ihbar@erpapay.com.

The first and unchanging aim of Erpa Payment Services and Electronic Money Inc. is to protect the trust and reputation of its customers, employees and business partners in the company. Our company acts with the Zero Tolerance principle with its corporate understanding and high level of ethical perception. The reason of specified the Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy of Erpa Payment Services and Electronic Para A.Ş. to declare that the company acts in accordance with the laws and regulations, ethical principles and universal rules applied in all countries where the company operates. Company employees and business partners are responsible for acting within the framework of the policies set.

If you notice any suspicious situation, you can contact us by ihbar@erpapay.com.

 Patriot Act

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Wolfsberg Questionnaire

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FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act)

Erpa Payment Services and Electronic Money Inc., in accordance with FATCA regulations, USA International Revenue Service recorded under Model 1 IGA as “Reporting Model 1 FFI”.

Aracı Kimlik Numaramız (GIIN Number) 6H7PTW.99999.SL.792’dir.

Responsible Person: Erkin GÜLBAŞAR


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